Cinematic Logo Reveal

It’s dark and stormy in the middle of ghostly hair raising dried out ground. Lightning viciously with their deafening sound close to stopping your heart beat. Suddenly something explodes from beneath the ground a few feet away from you. Lightning more viciously now you are trying to trace it. It is too dark out there. But wait….it looks familiar. Coming right from the underground. It is slowly staying still up above the ground. You take a closer look. Hola! That’s your company logo! Revealed from the ground. The tagline of your company is shining right in front of the logo. Now you breathe easy with sigh of relief. You wipe up your face and laugh to yourself

If you are looking for the 3D logo animation like above don’t go anywhere else. All you need to provide is your logo in BMP/JPG/AI/PSD format (preferably with transparency) and the simple and short tagline text. You can use your website address as the tagline instead if you want.




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